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Latest News
In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, Carl J. Levine,...
"We're focused on how to get some of the attribute...
"CA has been doing a lot of things in the area of ...
Data scientists must access high-performance compu...
"NetApp is known as a data management leader but w...
Long-term partners Fujitsu Limited and Citrix Syst...
"WineSOFT is a software company making proxy serve...
As you move to the cloud, your network should be e...
In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, Michael Burley,...
22nd International Cloud Expo, taking place June 5...
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Ecommerce solution provider Zoovy, Inc. announced a template driven AJAX ecommerce site builder. This technology makes it possible for any company to have a Web 2.0 ecommerce site. Web 2.0 improves the overall usability of ecommerce sites by increasing the interactivity and speed of on...
Vassil Terziev is Co-CEO & Founder of telerik. Prior to starting telerik in 2002, Terziev worked as an IT consultant and Project Manager for several years. Deciding to make a shift to product development, telerik was founded to be a quality organization with a focus and passion for per...
Zimbra CTO Ross Dargahi wrote recently about 'A Pint of ALE,' describing a new product developed by the company to provide functionality similar to Microsoft OLE 'but without the fat client.' ALE joins Calc and Write as new products from the open-source company.
Zimbra announced that its flagship Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) is now available on-demand through a worldwide partner program for Hosted Service Providers (HSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Through Hosted Zimbra, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and other compan...
Zimbra has been named one of Gartner's 'Cool Vendors for Web 2.0, 2006' in a March 14, 2006 research report by Rita E. Knox, Whit Andrews, Tom Austin, Nikos Drakos, David Mitchell Smith, Ray Valdes and Matthew W. Cain of Gartner.
Dow Jones Labs used Ajax technology to provide the Online Journal with refresh capabilities, making the site a leader in embracing this new technology for real-time news display. 'We continually seek innovative new ways to provide our readers with the best user experience on the web,' ...
The new release takes advantage of AJAX to create a more responsive user environment. Additionally, the latest version provides a workflow builder that utilizes the process engine from WebSphere Process Server, open standards-based software powered by WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus (...
Alex Russell is Project Lead for the Dojo Toolkit, President of the Dojo Foundation, and a Sr. Software Engineer at JotSpot -- the Application-Wiki company. Alex has been fighting browsers since the late 90's and together with a growing group of contributors is helping to build the Doj...
Eric Pascarello, an Ajax expert, is the co-author of Ajax in Action, the bestselling Ajax book in the market and the author of JavaScript: Your Visual Blueprint for Building Dynamic Web Pages (2nd edition). Eric is the moderator of the HTML and JavaScript forum at JavaRanch and maintai...
Dr. Miraglia works for Yahoo!'s Presentation Platform Team, and plays a critical role in helping product teams realize their forward-reaching development goals. He also teaches regular classes for Yahoo web developers. Eric has been involved in the creation of social web applications s...
David Temkin is CTO & Founder of Laszlo Systems. In this role, he has positioned the company to become the next technology standard for rich Internet applications. Under his direction, Laszlo developed its patent-pending open-source product suite and extended operations to both coasts ...
New Release of LogiXML's Managed Reporting products deliver pure web-based Business Intelligence with Enhanced Dashboarding and offer sophisticated Report Personalization capabilities.
With Jesse James Garrett, Google's Adam Bosworth and Paul Rademacher, Christophe Coenraets, Yahoo!'s Eric Miraglia, Jouk Pleiter, Kevin Hakman, Vassil Terziev, Dion Hinchcliffe, Microsoft's Shanku Niyogi, Eric Pascarello, and David Temkin of Laszlo Systems, the 'Real-World AJAX' One-Da...
I'm the 'tech chair' of SYS-CON's 10th annual SOA and WebServices conference that will take place on June 5-6 in New York City. Last week I've invited Joel Spolsky to make a keynote speech at this event. Guess what, Joel has accepted my invitation! If you have a chance to attend this t...
Two of the hottest technologies to emerge in the past year, Ajax and Ruby on Rails, took center stage this past weekend at the ServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas. In fact, you could say that Ruby and Ajax have officially become an item. Yet, it seems the Ajax and Ruby convergence i...
Alacra, a provider of online business information solutions, has announced the launch of an Ajax-driven Keyword Search in the Alacra Store. This enhancement, combined with Alacra's interface, is designed to help business professionals search for and discover reports from all of the pre...
In what Netvibes calls 'another move towards the web desktop', the popular site has added a web storage module to its already impressive list of features. The new module is a collaborative project with Ajax storage site box.net. With the new module, netvibes.com users have a 1 GB har...
Paul Rademacher, creator of the HousingMaps.com mash-up that combined Craigslist with Google Maps, is a featured presenter at the Real-World AJAX Seminar, to be produced by SYS-CON Events at the San Jose Hilton on April 24.
Christophe Coenraets will demonstrate the Eclipse-based IDE for Flex - Flex Builder - as part of his presentation at the Real-World Ajax Seminar at the San Jose Hilton on April 24. He encourages attendees to 'see how Flex Enterprise Services enables advanced data uses for messaging, pu...
Jesse James Garrett is one of the true Ajax pioneers. He will present 'The Elements of User Experience' as the lead session at the upcoming Real-World Ajax Seminar at the San Jose Hilton on April 24. In this keynote presentation, Jesse will look at the convergence of technologies that ...
Allurent,the Rich Internet Applications for Commerce Company, announced that it has closed its first round of venture funding. Led by Polaris Venture Partners, the funding will be used to further develop and expand Allurent's suite of Ajax Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that are curr...
With Jesse James Garrett, Google's Adam Bosworth and Paul Rademacher, Christophe Coenraets, Yahoo!'s Eric Miraglia, Jouk Pleiter, Kevin Hakman, Vassil Terziev, Dion Hinchcliffe, Microsoft's Shanku Niyogi, Eric Pascarello, and David Temkin of Laszlo Systems, the 'Real-World AJAX' One-Da...
Flux 7.1's web-based Operations Console is now Ajax-enabled. The Operations Console graphically monitors jobs and workflows in near-real-time. Java developers and their operations staff use the Operations Console to watch over and control running jobs and workflows.
Telerik's new release introduces many key updates to the telerik set of UI controls, as well as streamlined Ajax interoperability across the whole suite. The updates empower ASP.NET developers to take the richness of desktop applications to the web and eliminate the complexities of wri...
Laszlo Systems announced the planned extension of OpenLaszlo to support the delivery of applications in browsers with or without a Flash plug-in. By the end of this year, developers using OpenLaszlo will have the option to deploy their applications using either Flash or DHTML).
Sourcio's free, online service will monitor websites, servers, and networks for its users. Ajax technology will make manually installed upgrades, patches, and security fixes unnecessary, while at the same time further enhancing ease of use, interactivity, and customization.
Want to extend AJAX? I this instructive Webcast you you'll see a number of demos and application building techniques that will show you how you can extend AJAX with Adobe Flex. You will also experience the Eclipse based IDE for Flex--Flex Builder--and see how Flex Enterprise Services e...
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) was the rage at TheServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas, as keynoters and panelist offered predictions and expectations for the future of development on the Java platform. James Strachan, chief architect and co-founder of LogicBlaze, said, 'Ajax...
TedJob.com is a Website that meets the unique recruitment needs of colleges, universities and other academic institutions. It provides career services to employers, faculty members and job seekers.
SitePoint (sitepoint.com), provider of fun, practical and easy-to-understand content for web professionals, today announced the launch of 'The JavaScript Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks.' It provides working solutions that take full advantage of all that JavaScript has to...
LandMark Media, LLC is pleased to announce the release of NetJaxer. NetJaxer is a free and easy way to integrate Web 2.0 applications like Gmail, TadaList, Digg, Writely, Kiko, Meebo, financial sites, and other Ajax-based web programs right into Windows.
Innoopract, a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation and a provider of products and services for Eclipse introduced the Eclipse proposed project 'Rich Ajax Platform'(RAP). RAP offers an architecture and usage similar to the Rich Client Platform (RCP) and includes a library of compon...
InBoxer, a provider of language-based email filtering, has announced an outbound and inbound email monitoring appliance designed to stop data loss, protect privacy, and manage inappropriate employee behavior for organizations and departments with 5,000 or fewer employees.
JSP Controls Tag Library (the 'Library') provides the lifecycle for portlet-like JSP components. The Library does not require a portal engine or other central controller. The components built with the Library can be used in any JSP-based application.
Tools vendor Exadel Inc. unwrapped Visual Component Platform (VCP) 1.0. VCP is a framework designed to make it easier for developers to build business applications based on open-source and Java technologies. 'We're using JavaServer Faces and Ajax,' John Thompson, a project manager at r...
Bill Gates gave the keynote presentation that framed MIX06 for the next few days, which is really about the 'web experience' and 'beyond the browser'. He said the world is changing and should be more user centric rather than device centric. He discussed users' experiences from the pers...
At the opening day MIX06 keynote, 'The Next Web Now,' featured Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates discussing the myriad ways companies can use software to forge distinctively new types of customer connections, highlighting new technologies along the way that wil...
ThinkFree, provider of web-based office productivity software, now allows ThinkFree Office Online users the option of easily inserting images into a Write, Calc, or Show document from the wealth of publicly shared pictures at Flickr, the online photo management and sharing website
I just got back from the Real World AJAX seminar in NYC on Monday. Pretty good event with lots of good stories. One issue that caught my attention was the issue of how the back-end returned the data to AJAX applications. Most of the speakers preferred data, except for David Hansson fr...
TIBCO Software announced that Banorte and Toyota Services of Mexico have both selected TIBCO's business process management (BPM) platform, TIBCO Staffware Process Suite, as the standard throughout their respective organizations to facilitate better communication and collaboration acros...

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Virtualization Conference & Expo, California and London is the leading event in its third year covering the booming market of Virtualization for the enterprise. Now featuring Cloud Computing Expo, this leading event will surely deliver the #1 i-technology educational and networking opportunity of the year for leading Virtualization technology providers.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Technologists including CIOs, CTOs, VPs of technology, IT directors and managers, network and storage managers, network engineers, enterprise architects, communications and networking specialists, directors of infrastructure Business Executives including CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, presidents, VPs, directors, business development; product and purchasing managers.

Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Introducing at Cloud Computing Expo 2008 West the world's first-ever full one-day, immersive "Cloud Computing Bootcamp" - led by developer-entrepreneur Alan Williamson, Founder of Blog-City.com and creator of the OpenBlueDragon CFML runtime engine.

View the full one-day schedule

Video Coverage of Virtualization Conference

David Greschler: Virtualization Beyond the Datacenter to the Desktop
Miko Matsumura: Time Oriented Architecture: Evolution by Design?
Brian Stevens: The Future of the Virtual Enterprise
Kevin Brown: Leveraging Desktop Virtualization for Security, Manageability and Usability Beyond the Perimeter

Video Coverage of the Virtualization Power Panel 2007

Virtualization Power Panel 2007 with Gordon Jackson, David Christian, Ken Jisser and Ben Rudolf

 Conference Media Sponsor: Cloud Computing Journal

Cloud Computing Journal aims to help open the eyes of Enterprise IT professionals to the economics and strategies that utility/cloud computing provides. Cloud computing - the provision of scalable IT resources as a service, using Internet technologies - potentially impacts every aspect of how IT deploys and operates software.

Cloud Computing Expo 2008 Speakers Include...






Platform Computing












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Virtualization Conference & Expo 2008 East
AJAXWorld 2008 Conference & Expo East
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SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East
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SOAWorld & Conference Alumni Delegates Represents...

• AccuRev
• Adea Solutions
• Adobe Systems, Inc [3 delegates]
• Aeropostale, Inc
• Aetna
• Akbank Training Center
• American Family Insurance
• American International College
• American Modern Insurance
• Amphion Innovations
• Amplify LLC, Clipmarks [2 delegates]
• Anderson Consulting
• Arrow Electronics [3 delegates]
• Ashcroft Inc
• Athabasca University
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• Avanade, Inc.
• Avaya Inc. [5 delegates]
• Azul [2 delegates]
• Backbase [2 delegates]
• Bank of America
• Bank of NY
• Barnes and Noble
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• Bendel Newspaper Company Limited
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• BP
• Broadcom

Cloud Computing Blogs
In other words, VMware’s server density is higher. Boles suggests this means that customers should be “assessing virtualisation on a ‘cost per application’ basis. VM density has a sign
Traditionally, the way people have implemented high availability is by using a high-availability management package like Linux-HA[1], then configure it in detail for each application, file system moun