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The latest buzzword in web design is AJAX, or Asynchronous Javascript and XML. New sites like http://flickr.com manage to provide the interactivity of a desktop-based application in a web page, while using only the javascript that's been in web browsers for some time now. While many ...
TIBCO Software, a business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business, has announced that its asynchronous communications, JavaScript, and XML (AJAX) and Rich Internet Application (RIAs) development framework, TIBCO General Interface is adding s...
I've attended an interesting panel including representatives of different technologies and frameworks (AJAX, Flex, DOJO, DWR, JSF, JAVA/JWS. These are some of sparced raw notes. I decided not to put names here, because the notes are not complete.
'Did you know that you could implement your own version of Google Maps in less than 250 lines of code?' writes JavaOne blogger, Sun's Robert Eckstein. 'That was a fascinating session to watch,' he continues, and he is not alone: the session at JavaOne that he is referring to, 'Introduc...
Infragistics Inc. announced the purchase of an AJAX-based JavaServer Faces (JSF) user interface component suite from Otrix SARL. The Otrix development team has joined with Infragistics to develop market and support NetAdvantage for JSF, a new user interface component product line for t...
Representatives from OpenAjax member companies met over a two-day period recently, and emerged with an important semantic change from referring to OpenAjax as a collaboration to calling it the OpenAjax Alliance. They also decided to focus on interoperability as the main challenge facin...
Dion Hinchliffe will today be joining Rod Johnson and Craig McClanahan at JavaOne in San Francisco today, on a panel organized by Dan Malks and Deepak Alur called 'Java Technology, AJAX, Web 2.0 and SOA.'
Magnolia released Magnolia 3.0 Beta 1, the next generation of its open-source Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).Magnolia 3.0 is the first commercial open-source Enterprise Content Management System that seamlessly integrates web content management and document management throu...
Justsystems announced that the company is demonstrating its xfy Enterprise Solution 1.0 integrated XML application development and execution environment, which is slated for release in July, at the 2006 JavaOne Conference.Justsystems will also unveil a demonstration of xfy middleware s...
Stellent released a new version of its award-winning multi-site management application Stellent Site Studio - a component of the enterprise-scalable Stellent Universal Content Management system. It is a completely Web-based application designed specifically for Web site managers, and i...
ListManager 9.0 was developed based on the principles of Web 2.0, using a combination of AJAX and Flash, ensuring that the application is based on the most advanced technology available today. ListManager 9.0 is accessed via a web browser and has all the functionality of an installed a...
'Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is a Java software development framework that makes writing AJAX applications like Google Maps and Gmail easy for developers who don't speak browser quirks as a second language,' says the characteristically bright and breezy Google website devoted to its new b...
'With our open architecture, we're addressing the needs of developers who want to include open source and commercial AJAX components in their applications,' said Kevin Hakman, director, product marketing, TIBCO General Interface. 'Now, users can mix and match components from multiple A...
Cedara Software announced that GIP CPAGE, a public hospital association in France, has selected Cedara Software as its exclusive Electronic Patient Record (EPR) partner. Cedara aXigate employs an open architecture, built with XML, Java and AJAX that incorporates information from labs, ...
Spymac unveiled the 'Drag-n-Drop Site Creator,' which lets Mac and Windows users create their own websites and blogs with just a few clicks. Not only does Spymac's 'Drag-n-Drop Site Creator' harness advanced AJAX technology like never before, but it's also the first software service of...
Scand announced dhtmlxTree version 1.3, the most versatile JavaScript component for creating rich-featured hierarchical trees.Designed according to AJAX principles,this control offers optimal solution to embed dynamic tree view in web pages.
Bitstream unveiled the company's next generation Pageflex software for variable data, Web-to-print, and cross-media publishing. The Pageflex application includes Multi-platform interactive online editing tool that supports Adobe Flash and AJAX based interfaces, in addition to the Java ...
'JavaServer Faces is an ideal starting point for creating AJAX interfaces for Java applications capable of meeting today's demand for desktop-like user interfaces,' said Mark Schiefelbein, VP of Product Development for Backbase, as his company launched Backbase AJAX Java Edition.
Nexaweb Technologies announced the general availability of AJAX-Supported jRex 1.0, a server-agnostic, declarative XML UI engine that generates high-performance enterprise Web applications running in any browser.jRex 1.0 will be available to developers on May 19 as a fully-functional e...
Opera Software announced a new partnership with Wind River. As a part of Wind River's partnership network of best-in-breed solutions, the fast and full-featured AJAX-Based Opera Web browser will be offered as a validated software component for devices using Wind River's Linux-based pro...
'ICEfaces provides significant advantages over AJAX solutions that require JavaScripting,' said Chris Erickson, CEO of ICEsoft, as ICEsoft today unveiled ICEfaces, a no-JavaScripting Java-based AJAX application development environment, at the 2006 JavaOne Conference in San Francisco.
Outblaze Ltd., a global provider of hosted email services, today announced the release of its new AJAX-based webmail service. 'Outblaze AJAX Webmail' is the latest modular component in a suite of managed messaging services that Outblaze operates for internet service providers, registr...
Exadel announced that it has contributed Ajax4jsf, a new open source project,to Java.Net,the web-based, open community that facilitates Java technology collaboration in applied areas of technology and industry solutions.
TIBCO announced at the 2006 JavaOne Conference in San Francisco that its award-winning asynchronous communications, JavaScript, and XML (AJAX) and Rich Internet Application (RIAs) development framework,TIBCO General Interface is adding support for open source and commercial third-party...
Outblaze announced the release of its new AJAX-based webmail service. 'Outblaze AJAX Webmail' is the latest modular component in a suite of managed messaging services that Outblaze operates for internet service providers, registrars, web hosting companies, educational institutions, por...
ILOG(R) (Euronext: ILO, ISIN: FR0004042364) today announced ILOG JViews(TM) 7.5, the latest version of ILOG's award-winning Java graphics tools suite featuring industry-first support for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) combined with other new features aimed at enhancing the Web...
TIBCO Software Inc. , a leading business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business, today announced at the 2006 JavaOne Conference in San Francisco that its award-winning asynchronous communications, JavaScript, and XML (AJAX) and Rich Internet...
ILOG announced ILOG JViews 7.5, the latest version of ILOG's award-winning Java graphics tools suite featuring industry-first support for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) combined with other new features aimed at enhancing the Web user's experience.
Zimbra announced the worldwide expansion of its partner program, reflecting the rapidly growing international demand for its flagship AJAX-Powered Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS).The Zimbra partner program now includes dozens of Hosted Service Provider (HSP) and Internet Service Provi...
JackBe at JavaOne announced support for two key industry initiatives that strengthen its position as a leading provider of enterprise-class AJAX solutions.The company said its AJAX development solution, the JackBe NQ Suite, will support the Eclipse development platform, enabling develo...
Jeff Leitner, CIO for iDynaTECH, says the company's technology is disruptive. He says the company's DEJA platform allows companies to develop and deploy robust forms-based business applications over the internet. Gone are the days of desk to desk deployment and the associated installat...
The Leaky Cauldron,www.leakynews.com, uses AJAX techniques to organize hundreds of categories of news and make its content attractive, easy to load, and functional.It runs on several servers, with a CentOS Linux/Lighttpd back end, and using PHP 5.1, MySQL 5, and Movable Type for data e...
Shark 1.0 is the first dating software that unites power of fast and stable engine based on C, customizable front end based on PHP and features for both administrators and users based on AJAX. It also offers both stable dating site features and tools to manage online dating business.
The IBM-led OpenAjax collaboration announced several new members, including Backbase, which develops what it calls the number one AJAX development framework on the market.
Terracotta Founder and CEO Ari Zilka was recently interviewed by SYS-CON regarding the company's latest announcements. Zilka also added his opinions about the growing AJAX development movement, and what it means for developers.
Applibase announced an open source visual AJAX builder, called AppliBuilder, and online mashups creation service at datamashups.com. The benefits of easy online development can now be brought into the enterprise, as a hosted AJAX development platform for data integration applications.
Viewpoint Corporation announced introduction of a software development kit (SDK) which allows for the efficient development of custom-branded application toolbars.The SDK also includes an Alert Library, using AJAX technology, which provides the capability to communicate with users thro...
Knowledge Learning Corporation has commenced live operations with Ultramain V9, the new web-based version of Ultramain logistics and maintenance management software. Ultramain V9.0 ensures security and stability by leveraging core Internet technologies such as JavaScript, DHTML, XML, H...
Backbase, the leading provider of AJAX-based Rich Internet Application (RIA) software and solutions, today announced availability of its new Backbase AJAX Java Edition. This latest software release enables the creation of richer, more powerful web user interfaces for Java applications...
Telcontar has announced the availability of a comprehensive API to allow developers to more easily develop and implement innovative AJAX-based mapping solutions.

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Virtualization Conference & Expo, California and London is the leading event in its third year covering the booming market of Virtualization for the enterprise. Now featuring Cloud Computing Expo, this leading event will surely deliver the #1 i-technology educational and networking opportunity of the year for leading Virtualization technology providers.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Technologists including CIOs, CTOs, VPs of technology, IT directors and managers, network and storage managers, network engineers, enterprise architects, communications and networking specialists, directors of infrastructure Business Executives including CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, presidents, VPs, directors, business development; product and purchasing managers.

Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Introducing at Cloud Computing Expo 2008 West the world's first-ever full one-day, immersive "Cloud Computing Bootcamp" - led by developer-entrepreneur Alan Williamson, Founder of Blog-City.com and creator of the OpenBlueDragon CFML runtime engine.

View the full one-day schedule

Video Coverage of Virtualization Conference

David Greschler: Virtualization Beyond the Datacenter to the Desktop
Miko Matsumura: Time Oriented Architecture: Evolution by Design?
Brian Stevens: The Future of the Virtual Enterprise
Kevin Brown: Leveraging Desktop Virtualization for Security, Manageability and Usability Beyond the Perimeter

Video Coverage of the Virtualization Power Panel 2007

Virtualization Power Panel 2007 with Gordon Jackson, David Christian, Ken Jisser and Ben Rudolf

 Conference Media Sponsor: Cloud Computing Journal

Cloud Computing Journal aims to help open the eyes of Enterprise IT professionals to the economics and strategies that utility/cloud computing provides. Cloud computing - the provision of scalable IT resources as a service, using Internet technologies - potentially impacts every aspect of how IT deploys and operates software.

Cloud Computing Expo 2008 Speakers Include...






Platform Computing












Past Events Archive

SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2008 East
Virtualization Conference & Expo 2008 East
AJAXWorld 2008 Conference & Expo East
SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2007 West
Virtualization Conference & Expo 2007 West
AJAXWorld 2007 Conference & Expo West
SOAWorld Conference & Expo 2007 East
Virtualization Conference & Expo 2007 East
AJAXWorld 2007 Conference & Expo East
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SOAWorld & Conference Alumni Delegates Represents...

• AccuRev
• Adea Solutions
• Adobe Systems, Inc [3 delegates]
• Aeropostale, Inc
• Aetna
• Akbank Training Center
• American Family Insurance
• American International College
• American Modern Insurance
• Amphion Innovations
• Amplify LLC, Clipmarks [2 delegates]
• Anderson Consulting
• Arrow Electronics [3 delegates]
• Ashcroft Inc
• Athabasca University
• Audatex
• Avanade, Inc.
• Avaya Inc. [5 delegates]
• Azul [2 delegates]
• Backbase [2 delegates]
• Bank of America
• Bank of NY
• Barnes and Noble
• Barnex Investment International Limited
• Bear Stearns [2 delegates]
• Bendel Newspaper Company Limited
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• Bloomberg [2 delegates]
• BlueBrick Inc.
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• Boeing
• Bottomline Technologies [2 delegates]
• BP
• Broadcom

Cloud Computing Blogs
In other words, VMware’s server density is higher. Boles suggests this means that customers should be “assessing virtualisation on a ‘cost per application’ basis. VM density has a sign
Traditionally, the way people have implemented high availability is by using a high-availability management package like Linux-HA[1], then configure it in detail for each application, file system moun