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The cloud era has reached the stage where it is no...
ChatOps is an emerging topic that has led to the w...
In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, Michael Burley,...
Data scientists must access high-performance compu...
In his session at 21st Cloud Expo, Carl J. Levine,...
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Long-term partners Fujitsu Limited and Citrix Syst...
"WineSOFT is a software company making proxy serve...
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(June 18, 2002) - Collaxa, Inc.'s flagship product, the Web Service Orchestration Server™ (WSOS) 1.0, is now available for the BEA WebLogic® application server for public download at www.collaxa.com/developer.jsp and WSOS 1.0 for Oracle9i Application Server and Database is now availab...
(July 23, 2002) - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced the first shipping, end-to-end network identity solution that addresses customers' needs for heightened security, privacy, and federated identity management. The new products, services, and support are fully compliant with the Liberty ...
(August 20, 2002) - Compuware Corporation has recently introduced DevPartner Studio 7.0 Professional Edition, a comprehensive suite of tools for developers building applications and Web services using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 6.0. DevPartner Studio 7.0 incorporate...
(September 30, 2002) - Microsoft Corp. and Hewlett-Packard have begun a worldwide initiative to encourage business use of .NET solutions and Web services. The new initiative represents a total investment of more than $50 million by the two companies.
(November 18, 2002) - Novell plans to provide visual tools based on the emerging XForms standard in the next major release of Novell exteNd, its J2EE-based Web application development suite. Developed by the W3C, XForms enables information to be presented as XML to provide a next-gener...
(January 14, 2003) - On Thursday January 9, Sonic Software and a number of other leading IT vendors, including Fujitsu Limited, Hitachi, Ltd., NEC Corp, Oracle Corp., and Sun Microsystems, announced a proposal for a new Web services specification for reliable messaging: Web Services Re...
(February 11, 2003) - Novell is making it easier for developers to connect Web services with Novell eDirectory, to add a foundation for secure identity management to their applications. Novell eDirectory now supports the Directory Services Markup Language (DSML v2) standard, which prov...
(March 31, 2003) - Softwerc, Inc., has announced the release of Wercspace Version 1.2, for employees who create or maintain their own customized Web portal content. Among the application's upgrades are more advanced page management capabilities; greater flexibility in the creation and ...
(May 19, 2003) - Zero G has released a new version of its InstallAnywhere multiplatform software deployment solution. InstallAnywhere 5.5 offers features that cut development times and ease complex software deployment across the enterprise. InstallAnywhere 5.5 is also the first multipl...
(June 19, 2003) - On Wednesday, Oracle increased its cash tender offer to purchase all of the outstanding shares of PeopleSoft, Inc. to $19.50 per share, or approximately $6.3 billion. In response, PeopleSoft requested that its stockholders take no action until its board of directors c...
(Portsmouth, NH; Santa Clara, CA) –Bowstreet and Sun Microsystems, Inc., have significantly advanced the Sun ONE services on demand initiative with an agreement to port the Bowstreet Business Web Factory to the Sun ONE architecture, including the iPlanet Application Server and the iPla...
(New Haven, CT) -Metaserver, Inc., a developer of best-of-breed business process integration (BPI) software, announced that The Phoenix Companies, Inc., a leading provider of wealth management products and services to individuals and institutions, has signed an enterprise license agree...
(April 23, 2002) - Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced its co-leadership of a new Java™ Specification Request (JSR #168) - intended to be the industry's first portal API standard - to expedite a common development approach for portal integration to help developers and enterprises deliver ...
(June 18, 2002) - Taking the next step toward a more connected and secure Web services environment, Microsoft Corp. has announced a new Windows® technology, code-named 'TrustBridge,' that will enable businesses to share user identity information between applications and organizations. ...
(July 19, 2002) –YaYa, a creator of customized Internet games for advertisers, has selected IONA's Orbix E2A™ Web Services Integration Platform to integrate into its proprietary Consumer Dialogue Technology (CDT) platform. Deloitte Consulting will assist in the implementation of CDT as...
(August 20, 2002) - Over the next three years, Web services and small to mid-sized hosting providers will be the driving force behind explosive growth in the service provider industry, which is expected to reach over $18 billion in the U.S. by 2007, concludes a market analysis study co...
Compuware Corporation recently introduced DevPartner Studio 7.0 Professional Edition, a comprehensive suite of tools for developers building applications and web services using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio 6.0.
(November 18, 2002) - Web services today is about server to server communications; however, it will also be crucial to integrate thousands of other devices, such as cell phones, PDAs and pagers. To meet this anticipated demand, IBM has just unveiled its Web Services Toolkit (WSTK) for ...
(January 14, 2003) - The OASIS standards consortium has organized a new technical committee to advance adoption of the Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) for Web services and other applications. PKI serves as a foundation to enable secure e-business transactions. The new technical committ...
IBM has announced new WebSphere software and initiatives incorporating the industry's most advanced Web services support to allow companies to respond faster to ever-changing demands, increase efficiencies, and execute new market opportunities. IBM also is offering new programs, resou...
(March 31, 2003) - Newly introduced, webMethods GEAR 6 is a comprehensive implementation methodology for webMethods 6 integration platform. GEAR 6 consists of a proven set of best practices, white papers, templates, and tools to provide a roadmap for fast, successful deployments of web...
(May 19, 2003) - Two new products from Swingtide, Inc., help businesses build more scalable, profitable networks of XML Web services for portals, collaboration with partners, and other critical business initiatives. Swingtide Monitor™ and Swingtide Scorecard™ enable customers to view, ...
(June 25, 2003) - The Mind Electric (TME) has released version 4.1 of TME GLUE™. TME GLUE is a comprehensive Web services platform for Java developers creating, deploying, and managing applications with Web services, JSPs, and servlets.
(December 4, 2001) - Sun Microsystems, Inc. has announced the availability of a new module that strengthens Web services support provided by the company's Forte for Java integrated development environment (IDE). The module adds native SOAP and WSDL support to the product's Enterprise E...
(San Francisco, January 28, 2002) WSJ-IN traveled to the West coast, to cover the Next Generation Web Services Conference sponsored by InfoWorld Media, which was held in San Francisco. Web services was the topic on everyone’s minds at this well-attended show, and the two-day event was ...
(March 9, 2002) - Ascential Software Corp. intends to provide real-time data transformation and integration capabilities between incompatible Web services, allowing enterprises for the first time to successfully develop and deploy complex Web services applications.
(April 23, 2002) - Hewlett-Packard Company added to its flagship HP Netaction software suite a variety of offerings that convert the potential of Web services into reality. The products, developer tools, solutions, and support services accelerate development and deployment of Web servi...
(June 18, 2002) - Borland Software Corporation announced the availability of Borland® Web Services Kit for Java™ and Borland® JBuilder™ MobileSet 3 for integration into the recently released Borland® JBuilder 7. Borland's new development enable developers to create and integrate Web se...
(July 15, 2002) -YaYa, a creator of customized Internet games for advertisers, has selected IONA's Orbix E2ATM Web Services Integration Platform to integrate into its proprietary Consumer Dialogue Technology (CDT) platform. Deloitte Consulting will assist in the implementation of CDT a...
The latest version of EnterpriseLink, Micro Focus' highly-scalable legacy-to-Web transformation and integration solution, makes its debut at the Web Services Edge West 2002 Conference & Expo in San Jose, CA this week. The new EnterpriseLink product allows current legacy applications t...
(November 18, 2002)- Quest Software, Inc.'s JClass ServerViews 3.0, a set of 100 percent Java server-side components, now offers complete XML support for Web Services. (Sitraka, developer of JClass ServerViews, was recently acquired by Quest Software.)
(January 14, 2003) - The Liberty Alliance Project reports that a majority of founder- and sponsor-level members responding to an internal poll plan to implement the Liberty version 1.1 specifications within the year. More than 70 percent of all respondents planning to implement the spe...
(February 18, 2003) - A new OASIS technical committee, the OASIS Web Services Reliable Messaging Technical Committee (WS-RM TC), is being formed, to create a generic and open model for ensuring reliable message delivery for Web services. This TC defines reliable message delivery as th...
(March 31, 2003) - For only six months, starting April 1, Sun Microsystems' newly released Sun ONE Web Services Platform Developer Edition will be specially priced, delivering $36,000 worth of platform software for $999. The industry's first complete and fully integrated platform for J...
(May 19, 2003) - Amazon.com, Inc. has announced the latest advances in its Web services initiative: a new tool kit (Software Development Kit 3.0), an improved Web site for developers, and the enrollment of more than 25,000 developers in the program.
(June 26, 2003) - PalmSource Inc. and IBM will collaborate to advance the development of next-generation Web services applications for Palm Powered devices. The two companies are working together to provide the more than 270,000 registered Palm OS software developers with advanced tool...
What makes a framework successful? Why are Web services confounding programmers? Questions about Web services' problems and promises were highlighted when Sean Rhody, editor-in-chief of Web Services Journal, was recently featured as a panelist on Rich Levin's PC TALK on WPEN-Radio, Phi...
NTT SOFT, a sister company and key technology partner of Japan's NTT DoCoMo, has grasped the wireless nettle: acknowledging that developing wireless-specific applications is a process fraught with formidable technical challenges that can limit scalability and reliability and delay time...
(March 14, 2002) - German software giant SAP took advantage of the world media interest in the CeBIT technology fair in Hannover, Germany, this week to make an announcement that shows how carefully even giants these days are choosing to tread, so as to avoid taking definitive sides in ...

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Virtualization Conference & Expo, California and London is the leading event in its third year covering the booming market of Virtualization for the enterprise. Now featuring Cloud Computing Expo, this leading event will surely deliver the #1 i-technology educational and networking opportunity of the year for leading Virtualization technology providers.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Technologists including CIOs, CTOs, VPs of technology, IT directors and managers, network and storage managers, network engineers, enterprise architects, communications and networking specialists, directors of infrastructure Business Executives including CEOs, CMOs, CIOs, presidents, VPs, directors, business development; product and purchasing managers.

Cloud Computing Bootcamp

Introducing at Cloud Computing Expo 2008 West the world's first-ever full one-day, immersive "Cloud Computing Bootcamp" - led by developer-entrepreneur Alan Williamson, Founder of Blog-City.com and creator of the OpenBlueDragon CFML runtime engine.

View the full one-day schedule

Video Coverage of Virtualization Conference

David Greschler: Virtualization Beyond the Datacenter to the Desktop
Miko Matsumura: Time Oriented Architecture: Evolution by Design?
Brian Stevens: The Future of the Virtual Enterprise
Kevin Brown: Leveraging Desktop Virtualization for Security, Manageability and Usability Beyond the Perimeter

Video Coverage of the Virtualization Power Panel 2007

Virtualization Power Panel 2007 with Gordon Jackson, David Christian, Ken Jisser and Ben Rudolf

 Conference Media Sponsor: Cloud Computing Journal

Cloud Computing Journal aims to help open the eyes of Enterprise IT professionals to the economics and strategies that utility/cloud computing provides. Cloud computing - the provision of scalable IT resources as a service, using Internet technologies - potentially impacts every aspect of how IT deploys and operates software.

Cloud Computing Expo 2008 Speakers Include...






Platform Computing












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SOAWorld & Conference Alumni Delegates Represents...

• AccuRev
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• Aeropostale, Inc
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• Akbank Training Center
• American Family Insurance
• American International College
• American Modern Insurance
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• Arrow Electronics [3 delegates]
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• Azul [2 delegates]
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• Bank of America
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• BP
• Broadcom

Cloud Computing Blogs
In other words, VMware’s server density is higher. Boles suggests this means that customers should be “assessing virtualisation on a ‘cost per application’ basis. VM density has a sign
Traditionally, the way people have implemented high availability is by using a high-availability management package like Linux-HA[1], then configure it in detail for each application, file system moun